Chios Mastiha

Mastic is the brand product of Chios. This unique natural resin of the Chios mastic tree has multiple uses and its production and trade is a main pillar of the local economy. The Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of natural Chios mastic, both in Greece and abroad.

The mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus) is called “skinos” by the locals and grows all over the Mediterranean. However, the special variety that grows in Chios (Pistacia lentiscus var.chia) is the only one that produces natural resin or mastic. The mastic tree grows only in the south of the island.

Mastic is used as gum, aroma and flavour in pastry making and also in the production of the famous mastic liquor. Mastic oil is also used in furniture and musical instruments industry.

Mastic has important qualities for medicine and pharmaceutics, some of which are known since antiquity. In medicine it has been used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, bronchitis and stomachache. It is also used in the production of surgical threads. In pharmaceuticals, it has been used in vitamin manufacture. It has also been used in dentistry, cosmetics industry, distilleries etc.

Notice that Chios Mastiha is an natural Resin that can melt in high temperature environment. Please be aware of this if you live in a warm climate. If your Chios Mastiha become soft or melt, simply place in refrigerator and allow it to firm up.

Chios Mastic Raw Resin

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