About Us


We are a young Family from Greece that lived many years in different places in Europe most of the time in Germany and decide to go back to our roots. We love the Nature and are very thankful to find around us a large variety of herbs and spices that have great value for the human health. We are offer the best Greek products, only natural ingredients and are agonized daily to make this treasure available and accessible to everyone.


Our activities,

  • we collect fresh truffles of excellent quality in the north of Greece and on Mount Olympus, where we spend a lot of time with our Italian friend 'Artú' (lagotto romagnolo)

  • we collect wild Herb's and Spice's from their natural habitat such as our Mountain Tea (Sideritis) and Oregano from Mount Olympus, Orchis Mascula (Salep), Dittany, Marjoram, Mint and much more, the quality of which is simply the best

  • we get Super Food's from our Bees, these small insects are simply unbeatable, they work every day hard without a break and we protect them because without them our nature would not exist.

  • we cultivate various organic Herb's and Spice's

  • we produce exceptional essential and natural oils that are of great value for the immune system and for skin care

  • we work with other small family businesses and get their location-based products such as our excellent Chios Mastic and our valuable Saffron from Kozani

  • Always by our side our lovely children they help us and learn about Nature's kindness to us

thank you for your support