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(sideritis scardica)

Greek Mountain Tea also known as Sideritis or Ironwort, this ancient herb is used as a therapeutic and beneficial tea with many health benefits. The plant Sideritis is found on rocky slopes at elevations over 3,200 feet. These plants are hardy flowering perennials that have adapted to survive with little water and little soil. The tea contains high levels of antioxidants and large amounts of essential oils, flavonoids, sterols, and other phytonutrients.

Sideritis is enormously popular in Greece since the ancient Greek's and is brewed most often in winter when levels of physical activity decrease and colds, aches, and pains increase.

It is said to have a positive effect on almost anything that ails you, but mostly it is used to combat colds, respiratory problems, indigestion, and mild anxiety. It is said to bolster the immune system and is valued for its antioxidants, as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever.



Greek grandmother’s rule: At least one cup a day. Here's to your health!

Greek Mountain Tea (sideritis scardica)

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